AmmoniumNitrate (ammoniumnitrate) wrote in n_o_y_l,

Hey I is a new member!

Wow and ins't that just spiffy. There are a lot of things on my mined right now that are fuckin with me. I can't wait for today to be over. All day long I was witness to people fighting like little kids about the election. "Oh I'm not voting for him" or "Is that who YOU are voting for?" It's like when you were a kid and got got into an argument over who could beat who in an arm wrestling match. It's pointless. No matter who wins, we're all gonna get screwed somehow. Nothing much will change. The hierarchy of social classed will still be in place, the economy will still be fucked, there will still be an energy monopoly, people will die needlessly, more terrorist attacks will come, people will be led into a false sense of security because there is a color scheme that tells them how worried they should be, advances in technology will enable people to think even less, and more people will buy into the idea that they must be connected 24/7. By embracing the whole, you lose the self. But it isn't even possible to not be connected, so another ideal that had once meant something to me has died. From this, stems the loss of humanity...
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