Just call me Katie (enthused) wrote in n_o_y_l,
Just call me Katie

Holy Community


Anyone still read this?

Im Katie, I made this, and then no one ever posted.

IF anyone reads this... Tell me a story. About yourself, and why you are who you are.

I met this kid named Mike, my sophmore year. He was new, he shared my love for music. We hung out, ended up together. He was a virgin, and me, being me, sex is a big deal. I love sex, like, straight up. I could have sex everyday, and be fine with that. Still want it. Anyways, he gave it up about a month in. Then he said he loved me. I was over it.

Big drama.

Then this kid dies 2 years later, and I find out that he kept everything I had ever written him.

I almost died.

Thats one reason.

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